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  • focus52_october2014
    {Focus52} Still Standing
    In my little world on the other side of this screen, life’s been pretty crazy. I’ve realized that I need to look at October like the rest of the world looks at December. Our family barely catches our breath after the start up of school, and then we’re hit with...
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  • What if you faced your fears with faith?
    How Do You Face Fears with Faith?
    Would you like to peak inside my heart and hear how I face my fears and walk out my adventure of faith? {I’d like to peak into yours and learn from you, too, so be sure to read to the end for your turn.} My friend, and former life coaching...
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  • Everyday Confetti Giveaway
    {Giveaway} Everyday Confetti in Everyday Moments
    Wouldn’t you agree that time is precious? One minute you’re looking down into an infant seat at your six month old cooing her first sounds and the next minute you’re locked eye to eye as her teenage body looms taller and taller. Where does the time go, laments every mother...
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  • Praying the Scriptures
    Three Simple Steps for Praying the Scriptures
    If you asked me if prayer was a part of my childhood, I would tell you it wasn’t . . . except for those times when I was expected to recite the Our Father out loud in church or in religious education classes or when I would toss’ up what...
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