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It is my desire to co-labor with God in seeing His purposes prevail in your life today. As a life coach and coach trainer, I offer Biblical encouragement, life coaching services, and life coach training especially for moms, ministry leaders, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and women seeking life balance and purpose. Together, we can seek His perspective on your life and see your goals, dreams, and hopes surrendered to His plan.


Begin living changed today with this workbook steeped in life coaching principles and relevant Biblical truth!

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  • Embracing Motherhood
    Saying No . . . Because You Can’t Have It All
      The art of saying no  . . . well it is really an art form. Each one of us will develop our skills through a unique set of circumstances and with the help of training from those who have...
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  • Nourish Grow Thrive
    Moving From Surviving to Thriving
    What do you think it means to thrive? As I shared in the Choosing to Thrive series, I’ve always thought of “thrive” in terms of flourishing, moving upward, or producing fruit. It never dawned on me, however, that thriving is...
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  • What if we pursued balance?
    How much should we pursue balance?
    Yes, I’m passionate about balance. I write about it. I work it out for myself. I coach women through imbalanced lives in the pursuit of balance. Balance, balance, balance. Is it kind of like happy, happy, happy? Well, that’s what...
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