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  • Letting Go of Guilt
    Letting Guilt Go
    Imagine if the next time you felt guilty, that instead of reacting to it, you responded in light of the truth? How would that change your circumstances? What would be the resulting outcome? I’ve been think a lot on the topic of guilt, as a local MOPS group requested for...
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  • What's So Amazing About Grace
    What’s So Amazing About Grace
    I’m thrilled to have Jenny Lee Sulpizio share her heart with us today on the release day of her new book,  For the Love of God: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Faith and Getting Grace. Jenny and I have gotten to know each other through contributing to the M.O.M. Initiative...
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  • Life Prayers: A 31 Day Journey of Praying the Scriptures
    Life Prayers: A 31 Day Journey of Praying the Scriptures
      Life Prayers is a 31-day devotional journey in which you will encounter 31 Scripture verses that convey a life transforming truth. These are game-changer type of verses matched with simple, but heart-changing prayers. For each daily reading, you’ll find a key truth that is drawn from a particular a...
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  • Ultimate Christian Living Bundle
    Why I’m a Fan of the Ultimate Christian Living Bundle
    It’s not secret in my family that I’m a lover of books — especially the kind that will give me information I can put into practice. I’m incredibly intentional about gleaning wisdom from those who have figured out how to do this Christian life to the fullest and live out...
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