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  • Choosing Your Goals
    Choosing Your Goals
    How do you know what goals you should pick to focus on seeing real life change?   Well it starts with careful evaluation partnered with seeking God for His priorities for your life! Yes, you’ll need to spend time thinking about each area of your life and what needs some...
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  • Create a Capsule Wardrobe
    Creating a Capsule Wardrobe
    Have you heard of the term capsule wardrobe? The idea has been toss around since the ’70s, coined by the owner of a London boutique and later embraced by fashion designer Donna Karan, and it is making a comeback amongst those passionate about minimalistic living. While I am not a...
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  • The Lord himself goes before you . . .
    Guest Post: The Day I Threw a Tantrum With God
    I’m honored to introduce you today my friend, Amanda, and pray her words of Truth will touch your heart and remind you that turning to the Lord is the solution when life is going all wrong.   Here we were again. We had already been at this place four times...
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  • #Focus52_aug2014
    {Focus52} Pressing On
    So who exactly had this great idea to do Focus52 for 2014? Oh, right. Me. Or the Lord. Or the Lord whispering it to my heart. Nine months into this adventure, love the idea of Focus52 and I am most thankful for all the photos I’ve snapped when I would...
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