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  • Resources for Growing Your Blog, Business, or Ministry
    Resources for Growing Your Blog, Business, or Ministry
    Beginning a business or ministry is quite the undertaking, regardless of the size of the venture. It’s about way more than having a good idea and getting to work on it. Being an entrepreneur is a passionate commitment, one which requires perseverance, determination, risk, and a good dose of humility. In other words, it’s not easy to launch a blog, business, or ministry! It takes more than a good idea to develop a sustainable blog, small business, or new ministry. It requires time, steadfastness, attention to detail, and the proper...
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  • The Simplest Health and Fitness Challenge
    The Simplest Health & Fitness Challenge {Free Download}
    I’ve been “on the move” since my mom put on my first pair of tap shoes when I was only three years old. How I loved the sound of clip-clap on the hardwood floors and dreamed of one day making my tapping debut as a Rockette. But alas, I never graced the stage, as my dream was dashed by a series of knee injuries, yet the desire to stay in motion never did leave my soul. As my dancing days ending, I turned to “non-impact, inline sports” like walking, swimming,...
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  • Real Life, Real Change Life Evaluation Tool
    Is it time for real life change?
    Do you mind if I ask you question? Don’t worry, it won’t start with “why . . .” as I learned in my life coach training, a “why” question always puts a person on a the defensive. Isn’t that the truth! That’s because a “why” requests an explanation, which we often don’t have, and are looking for ourselves. So let me ask you a different question: How can I help you best? Now you might be hoping I’d answer that question for you, right? Well, see, I believe you have...
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