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  • 31 Days of Life Prayers
    Because 31 Days of Scripture Prayers Are Good for the Soul
    One might think I’m crazy to offer a 31 day series in the middle of writing a book. I think I’m crazy to embark on a 31 day commitment. But I’ve learned that when I sense God’s leading, and it’s confirmed by my husband, that I’d be crazy to not...
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  • Going into Deeper Waters
    Going into Deeper Waters
    It’s not my nature to go into deeper waters, even been as a beach loving ocean-goer. Yes, I prefer shallow waters, where I can touch the sand and still have my head above water. I like to know that I can endure the waves crashing upon me and not fear...
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  • Focus52 September
    {Focus52} Every Good and Perfect Gift
    As I think upon this past month, I can help but see it in light of one particular Scripture verse from James 1:17, “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights. . . “ Without a doubt, seeing God in this...
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  • Signing the Contract
    Finally, the Back Story {and an Exciting Announcement}
    I’ve been hinting around these places about some rather wildly obedient endeavors, and mentioning here and there about a particularly large amount of time spent writing . . . beyond this space. Finally, after months and months of waiting (my One Word for 2014, by the way) I can share...
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