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  • Battling the Crave for Praise
    Battling the Crave for Praise
    It’s amazing how a heart stirred up can give life to so many words. Even though I’m in the middle of a crazy season of transition, writing is one way to help me find some sanity. With all the goodbyes and yet-to-happen hellos, it feels like oxygen to carve out space to reflect and mull over the life I lived in this sacred place. So would you mind if I process with you “out loud.” I’m pondering things like . . . Have I really been “all in”? Did I reach out...
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  • Download 40 Bible Verses to Conquer Fear
    40 Bible Verses to Conquer Fear
      Y’all, I’ve told you before that fear is my battleground. It’s something that has chased me down my whole life. Of course, you’d never know because it goes by other names . . . caution, prudence, being careful, choosing safety. While those are good things, they mask the real issue. Being afraid. Plain and simple. I’m afraid of getting hurt. Afraid of making a mistake. Afraid of being falsely accused. Afraid of failing. And probably, the worst of all . . . being afraid that God might get mad...
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  • Know Jesus
    Know Jesus.
    Leaving is never easy. Change is never comfortable. And I’ve done neither for as long as I can remember. But the beauty in this time of transition is how much I need to cling to Jesus. Being able to turn to my Lord and seek His strength is nothing short of a miracle and an absolute gift of His grace. I remember those days when I walked in this world all by myself. The idea that God cared personally about me never crossed my mind. He was up there, somewhere, as a...
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