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  • Know Jesus
    Know Jesus.
    Leaving is never easy. Change is never comfortable. And I’ve done neither for as long as I can remember. But the beauty in this time of transition is how much I need to cling to Jesus. Being able to turn to my Lord and seek His strength is nothing short of a miracle and an absolute gift of His grace. I remember those days when I walked in this world all by myself. The idea that God cared personally about me never crossed my mind. He was up there, somewhere, as a...
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  • 5 Steps for Organizing Your Life
    How to Organize Your Life
    Friend, if I promised that I could help you get organize in 5 simple steps, would you believe me? Or would you think I sound like an infomercial on late night television? Personally, I hate a “get rich quick scheme” in any form, and hesitate to believe any promise that suggests “following this step and that step” will make a difference. But really, as I’ve thought about what real organization looks like, I’ve been able to narrow it down to five steps that are key to an overall sense of...
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  • Finding the Motivation to Get Moving
    Finding the Motivation to Get Moving & Get Healthy
    If fitness is not your thing, but you know that getting moving for the sake of your health and physical wholeness is a necessary step, then take heart . . . you’re not alone. I get you! I understand the struggle and the predicament you find yourself in. My brain thinks I’m fit enough, but my body has something else to say on the matter. It’s not that I hate exercise, per se. I hate the pain — not as in muscle burn after a good work out sort of...
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