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  • Is it possible to overcome anxiety?
    Is it possible to overcome anxiety?
    Anxiety. It’s a word none of us like. It’s more than a word. It’s an experience that seeks to undermine everything, whether we’re struggling with anxious feelings or the throws of an anxiety attack. Anxiety is the silent joy-stealer wrecking the lives of God’s children. But why? Why? Why must anxiety be such a problem? I think it’s because we are too afraid to admit it is a struggle, mostly because we’re terrified of the response. Being honest about anxiety leaves the door wide open to commentary and criticism rather...
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  • Time is Sacred
    Should you count your hours?
    Have you ever thought about counting your hours, as in the time you spend working or investing in a certain ministry endeavor? I only ask because once I had a friend who shared with me that her husband counted up all the hours he put into his work in a given week. Even though he was a salaried employee, he wanted to be sure where his time really went. In some way, I get that. Even my son asked me recently, “How much do you make an hour?” Of course,...
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  • The Value of Rest
    The Value of Rest
    I’ll never forget those early years of my marriage, when my mother-in-law would be in town for an extended visit and comment about how I would flit from one thing to another without ever sitting down. My pace and productivity overwhelmed her to no end. I don’t think that’s changed, nearly twenty years later, bless her heart. As a young bride, desperate for approval, I worried that there something was wrong with the way I did life. I simply couldn’t sit still if I knew there was a chore to...
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