Why Not Live Intentionally?

Living Intentionally is about recognizing that we are a work in progress, made by God for a purpose that won’t be finished until the day Christ Jesus returns.

While we can not be always certain of the plans the Lord has for our future, we can certainly inventory our lives today to see if how we are living lines up with Scripture — for those are definitely His plans for His people. We can also set forth purposeful steps toward authentic life change through living intentionally as we journey unto the the cross.

Through taking the time to consider how we are uniquely made and where we are uniquely called, we can hope to see even a glimmer of how God intends to use us, in His kingdom work, and be motivated to use the short time we have on this planet for His absolute glory.


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The Living Intentional Life Plan will enable you to thoughtfully and practically engage with the Lord about your life purpose, passion, plan, perspective, and priorities. Whether it is the start of a brand new year or simply a season of life change, this tool can help you get your time and resources on track with the Lord’s direction.



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If you would like help in processing through the Living Intentionally plan,
please email elisa at elisapulliam dot com to set up a free life coaching consultation
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  1. Thank you! I need this today as I’ve been sitting here the last month or so, feeling completely lost and way off course from where I want to be and knowing that my priorities are a mess.

    Off to download and read. <3 Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this! Thank you!!! I am going to do it myself and give one to my daughter. It seems that though I am 48, I am at the place of waiting again for the next place God will take me. Nest just emptied, closing my gift shop, busy in ministry as WM director and MOPS mentor, a little speaking, a little writing…but still looking for the clarity of vision to propel me forward. In a season of waiting. This will be fun.

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