The Weekly {re}Cap: Nesting & Planning


The Weekly {re}Cap

It’s been a home-focused last seven days with a whole lot of rearranging and nesting. I think I must be inspired by the fall weather settling into the northeast, and getting our space ready for some inside dwelling again.  What about you? Have you been feeling the need to purge and organize? Are you looking to make room for bodies to make use of your inner spaces again, too?  Based on the number of yard sale signs around these parts, I’m sensing I’m not the only one feeling this way.

But may I encourage you to spend just as much time clearing out the junk from your heart as from your house?

Ahem, and that’s not my idea but the Holy Spirit convicting me to do the same!

It is easy to focus on the outside, making our homes inviting and our spaces full of functionality. But really, it is what’s going on in our heart that matters more. A pretty family room won’t bless the souls resting there if the tone is bitter and irritable, right?

So let’s take a minute to sip our cappuccinos (or tea or whatever yummy beverage you happen to be enjoying) and reflect on what’s going on behind the scenes as we re-cap this week in our hearts…

Heavenly Father, forgive us for getting caught up in the material when you care so much more about the eternal. Help us Lord steward our spaces well, our time carefully, and our hearts better. Give us insight to see what’s not functioning properly and make room in our inner chambers for You to dwell more fully. Thank you God that your grace and mercy is enough to cover our mess, inside and out. Redeem it all, O God, for your glory! In Jesus’ Name, Amen!


Fab Finds

I’m a pretty crafty gal who hardly spends anytime at all crafting. As a matter of fact, I have a whole shelf of supplies that I might very well purge and pass on to those who could really use it. But when I came across this perfectly simple fall wreath idea, I was inspired to try it out for myself. I picked up a wreath for under $10 at the local craft store and found the letter there, too, for only $3.99.  I used scraps of old jeans (from ones we made into shorts this past summer) and some fabric laying around to put this little festive decoration together in under 20 minutes. Literally, I crafted it up on the kitchen counter while my teen girls chatted to me about their day.

Step 1:  Cut strips of fabric about 2 – 3 feet long, tie in a knot at the top.

Step 2:  Braid the strips together and tie in a knot at the bottom.

Step 3:  Twist into a spiral circle with the top as the center and then use a glue gun to stick it together.

Step 4:  Attach the flowers to the wreath with the glue gun.

{I used the tails of the breads as leaves, but you could cut them for a neater look. Also, I glued on my letter and tied it, but my daughter had a neat idea to hang the letter from the center of the wreath. I might try that out, too!}

 Festive Fall Wreath


Looking for a way to get into the Word? Ashley at Joyfully Thrifty Home put together this list of online Bible Study options, which I’m tickled to see More to Be included in!  Check out the options she shares and don’t forget about the Overflow Bible & Time Management resource here.


Life Changer

Would you like to make the most of every moment? Spend some time planning out October with this FREE printable calendar and keep track of your deadlines with this FREE printable deadlines tracker. I pray that both you and I will make time to clear out our hearts as we nest in our homes this month and tackle the tasks before us. Let’s pray for each other!

October Calendar


October Deadlines



If you would like to share something noteworthy for The Weekly {re}Cap, feel free to send me a note with the details and I’ll consider sharing!

Did you catch the reason behind The Weekly {re}Cap?  Well you can read about it here.

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