When We Are Called to Wait

When We're Called to Wait...

Have I mentioned lately that I’m in a season of waiting, wondering, and doubting?

Oh yes.


I’m forced to wait on God because I thought He was taking me to a different place, another destination, right now.

I was anticipating something special to be happen that never panned out.

It’s a dashed dream that I dared to dream.

We don’t like to talk about that sort of thing very much. We rather focus on living out our dreams, dreaming our dreams, chasing our dreams.

But what should we do when the dream ends? When the dream is forced to change? When your dream turned out to not be God’s dream for you?


No matter how much I’ve prayed and surrendered my dream to the Lord, the disappointment still takes my breathe away as I face the reality today.

I’ve wondered if there is something wrong with me. Did I do something wrong?  I’ve doubted whether I really heard God clearly. Or was it my deceitful heart clamoring more loudly than God’s whisper. Is that even possible?

I’ve looked for perspective on why things went the way they did, and occasionally, I feel like I can peak behind the scenes to gain a some measure of understanding.  Occasionally.

Even without answers, I’m learning how to press into the Lord, asking for His leading as I face this crossroads and wonder, “What’s next?”

Waiting seems to be the marching orders I have from the Lord, but I take comfort in knowing I’m not alone. It’s part of what He does with His people. Noah waited in the boat for an entire year. Abraham waited on a son. Hannah waited, too. The Israelites waited…and wandered…before entering the promised land.  Zechariah waited to speak again.  Paul waited in jail.  Jesus waited to be reunited with His Father in heaven.

In the waiting, we can experience  God’s constant, tender spirit reminding us to be more in the present than concerned with the future.  I’m learning this truth, as my friend, Jennifer penned in her Loop Devotional

“Waiting on Me is not a place of being alone—really. For I am always with you. Waiting on Me yields alignment with Me. It produces greater trust in my will, with believing it is okay for you to not see what is ahead so clearly. You know that I see, and you trust that it is okay for you to trust my sight, my heart, more than you trust yourself.”

And so I am waiting…and choosing not to worry or wonder myself into a paralyzed state.

In the waiting, there is life to be lived. {click to tweet}

As the Lord so gently reminded me, to wait is not to do nothing. It is to be active in my faith and my focus.

Waiting can be a call to action.


Watch God work in His ways.


Ask God about His purposes.


Invite God to work in your heart.


Trust God to fulfill His plans.

Waiting on God isn’t about doing nothing — or NO thing; It is about allowing God to do His thing.

So how will you face the waiting in your life today?



  1. Elisa, I feel I’m in that place of waiting with you. Many times over the past couple of years I’ve felt God tell me to wait. Waiting is not easy! Yet, when I know God Himself has reminded me to wait, it’s comforting, knowing He’s in control and has the patience to keep reminding me to wait. I think that gives me the strength to keep waiting.

    “Waiting is about allowing God to do His thing.” – Yes! So glad I stopped over today!


    • Thank you, Laura, for letting me know I am not alone in the waiting. We are in this together! So glad you stopped by, too!

  2. Waiting – a good word. Not one that I like. But good. 🙂

    love you!

    • Emily, I love you dear friend and I am so grateful we get to walk through seasons of waiting together.

  3. Waiting…the very word aches my heart. I am NOT good at waiting. I never thought of it this way, but I really resonate with being paralyzed in allowing Him to work in these times of waiting and focusing on myself in defiance. I have to remind myself often that “in waiting there is life to be lived.” I can feel your heart in this peace and hope I can come to know this sentiment of waiting. Although I read your words and understand them, I don’t know them.

  4. Thanks so much for this! It’s so full of truth and wisdom. I love this: “Waiting on God isn’t about doing nothing — or NO thing; It is about allowing God to do His thing.”

    Thanks for sharing this on the Thrive @ Home Thursday link-up!

  5. Such a wonderful post. I especially love the WAIT acronym, so clever! His Word has been a mainstay for me during my battle with depression/anxiety. I recently wrote a post called “15 Top Posts for How to Trust God” and linked to this article. Check it out: http://simplynatureplusnurture.com/2016/04/08/how-to-trust-god/
    Thanks for what you do for women!

  6. Yes, I can surely relate to this one. My husband and I transitioned from pastoring to church planting last fall, and it’s been a tough season of waiting. I appreciate this encouragement to wait actively!
    Jen @ Being Confident of This

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