Focus52 . . . 4 Things Style

Something absolutely amazing happened.

I didn’t work.

I didn’t write.

I didn’t worry about work or ministry or my to do list.

Instead, I took a week away at a wonderful family camp and spent the time enjoying my family, playing, talking with my husband (without interruptions), and simply listening for the the Lord to speak to my heart.  I didn’t wonder when I’d steal away by myself to get ahead on “this” or knock off “that.”

I left real life at home.

Let me just say that was a totally different experience compared to the previous year, when my husband and I both realized  my pace was too intense and my expectations unrealistic. Of course, putting off work to focus on vacation doesn’t happen by itself. As I faced this summer, I was intentional about scaling back, scheduling ahead, and putting on hold “the unnecessary” in order to just be.

It was worth every bit of effort.

Choosing to live in the moment, especially by resting from work during our vacation time, is why the Focus52 link up is coming to you on the 4th, instead of the 31st. Yes, it’s late! Tisk, tisk?  No! Grace, grace!  His grace is all over this place, and me, as I’ve been living a God-aware life. Taking it in. Capturing moments. But not always posting them on social media, as I’ve kept off the tech instead of driven by it. (I confess, that was hard when I was away, since I was awaiting for some important emails).

I’m also joining in on the Declare conference link up, where we’ve been asked to share four things about ourselves. Are you going to Declare? If so, leave me a comment to your blog so that I can find you!

Focus.52 : Capturing a God-Aware Life


  1. I’m on a new mission to live fearlessly, which commenced with riding the big swing at family camp!
  2. I’ve been walking the crazy road of writing a book proposal and I’m eagerly waiting on God to see what He is going to do with this unexpected journey.
  3. I’ve lived at a boarding school, where my husband teaches, for the last 17 years, which means I don’t have to cook! I get to eat dinner with teens when school is in session. Woot. Woot!
  4. I’m a native New Yorker who feels like she should be a Texan . . . we’ll find out in a week  . . . and have recently discovered at a northern rodeo that I wish I was a barrel racer!


Becoming Fearless on the Big Swing

That would be me as I get ready to soar from the big swing  . . . aka  . . . being pulled up by ropes to the height of two telephone poles before releasing one rope in order to swing back and forth! You can friend me on Facebook to see the video and hear my hilarious scream!


  1. I almost always mess up sayings like “hit the hammer on the nail” (yes, just like that)!
  2. When I’m tired, and with my sister, I tend to laugh so hard I cry and squeal — something we call tea-kettling because I sound like the whistle on a tea kettle.
  3. I often wind my kids up at bedtime rather then settling them down.
  4. I’m forever standing on a return line at a store.

My dream . . . barrel racing!

Is it a “quirk” to want to be a barrel racer?  I wish that was me!


  1. I started blogging, on a dare one New Year’s Eve, nearly ten years ago, and soon discovered I had a heart for writing about Biblical truths and life application. Maybe you bumped into me at The Laundry Alternative or Extravagant Grace, which were my blog homes until my God-directed sabbatical year prior to beginning
  2. My writing heart is divided between here and, which I began in 2011 as an overflow of the mentoring and writing I’d been doing in real life with teen girls. It’s amazing to see God work through that place and my wonderful team!
  3. I actually started this site to house my life coaching business along with information about my speaking and writing after attending Allume in 2012.
  4. I write to think and to see God at work, seeking Him to refine my understanding of who He is and how He’s calling us to live.

Hosting a Sole Hope Party

My heart is for training up the next generation to love God and serve Him through equipping moms and mentors to reach into their lives. But I am so aware of the fact that all I do online or in ministry has to come after I invest in my children . . . doing life side-by-side with them, listening to their hearts, training up their minds, loving on them with an overflow of God’s love.


  1. Summer mornings starting on the porch with Jesus and a cup of java.
  2. Summer evenings ending on the beach with my family and friends.
  3. Chocolate in any form. It’s my first love language!
  4. Most definitely my husband (we just celebrated 18 years together) and our precious children — one set of twins, even though most think I have two with the big girls growing up so fast!

Family Time

:: Linking up with Declare ::




Join in the FOCUS.52 Link Up

If you have been embracing a FOCUS.52 journey with me, or if you want to jump in today, feel free to link up below to a post capturing your photos from the past month. In the month ahead, be sure to tag your photos #Focus52 and connect with me on Twitter or Instagram! I’d love to see your photos along the way!

  1. Hi Elisa, I loved reading about you here! First, I am impressed with your swing adventure. I’m a complete chicken when it comes to heights. Second, I was at Allume in 2012, too! I’m sorry we didn’t meet there (huge crowd!) and hope we will cross paths at Declare this time. Looking forward to it!

    • Karin, it’s amazing how many people I didn’t meet at Allume! Looking forward to connecting at Declare!

  2. Hello Elise,
    I am stopping by from the Declare linkup and how fun it is to get to know other attendees a little before we all meet up at the conference. It honestly is making attending my first writers conference a little less intimidating.
    I’ve seen your Focus52 linkup . . . mostly through the lovely Holly Barrett. What a wonderful idea.
    It was wonderful to get to know you some here. I love that you live at a boarding school with teens. I find that awesome!
    I hope to meet you in a few days.
    Wishing you safe travels.

  3. Hi, Elisa! So fun to get to know you here before Declare. I’d be thrilled to start and end each summer day exactly the same way! Hope our paths cross inRL in just a couple days! Blessings, Becky

    P.S. Tucking this gem away in my heart today: “But I am so aware of the fact that all I do online or in ministry has to come after I invest in my children . . . doing life side-by-side with them, listening to their hearts, training up their minds, loving on them with an overflow of God’s love.” Amen! Thank you.

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