Walking in Fearless Grace {Declare Recap}


When I purchased my ticket to the Declare Conference, I couldn’t have given you an exact reason why I was attending. Yes, I was drawn in by “Wild Obedience” theme and excited the session descriptions (especially on how to make Facebook work for you).  And I was super excited about the opportunity to reconnect with kindred spirits spread across the country — yes, I admit I have online friends who I now consider real life friends. Seriously, these women God has woven into my life are treasures from heaven!  When God expands our borders through connecting with the family of God, it is a gift like none other!


Whatever brings you the most glory!

It was my prayer that my experience at Declare would be filled with God-ordained lessons and opportunities, even if I had no idea what that would look like.

I also thought Declare would be a perfect end to the summer and soul-filling new beginning. Yes, this summer was like none other! I actually figured out how to get “out of the office,” so that I could devote time to being emotionally and mentally present with my family. With weeks of travel dictating our schedule, there was no time to think creatively or invest any emotional energy into deciding what would come next in ministry and work. And that was a good thing!

I needed a break. I needed to step away and breathe. I needed to see the world go on without my input, and find out that everything would be okay.

How did I do it? By learning to say “no” while walking in God’s grace! Yet at the same time, God was showing me I couldn’t stay in “summer” mode forever. The call He has put on my heart to encourage women to impact the next generation, especially as they live life transformed by His truth, continues to beat loudly in my soul.

I might not be crazy about the day-in-day-out responsibilities of being a Truth-sharer, but I can’t seem to outrun the call.

Sounds like Jonah, doesn’t it.

And at the root of it is a whole mess of ugly. I don’t like criticism. I don’t like rejection. I don’t like being uncomfortable. Of course, who does. I don’t like it so much that I run in fear of it — trying to avoid it at all costs, even if it means saying “no” to God while running for the hills. But you can’t outrun God nor the call He has on your life. Yes, I knew that truth before Declare. It’s been sound a whole lot like,

“Lisa, it is time to face your fears. It’s time to no longer let fear of this or that or her or them stand in your way of being obedient to me, Your Father in Heaven, who has called you to walk in faith by my grace.”

Fearless. Facing my fears. Fearing God alone. That’s what the Lord has been putting on my heart for more than two years now. It’s been loudly ringing through my soul all summer long. Finding a bracelet with FEARLESS inscribed upon it while on vacation in Maryland was the confirmation I needed, and a constant reminder of the call God was  asking me to answer.

Fearless Grace


Should we be surprised that as I am learning to walk fearlessly, God’s calling one of my dear friends from halfway around the country to walk in His grace. Yes, those are our own bracelets, purchased apart unknowingly, representing our own journeys led by the same God. What a picture of how God uses the body of Christ, for each other, and for His purposes.

Fearless faith marked by His grace.

That’s what wild obedience looks like to me as I was reminded session after session, keynote after keynote, conversation after conversation. And, yet, it was also abundantly clear that call to wild obedience that God has put on our hearts is absolutely unique for each one of us.

It is wild obedience to say yes . . .

 . . . to “that big thing” and that less than glamorous task

 . . . to the opportunities that push us out of our comfort zones and to the ones we’ve always dreamed of

 . . . to the places God wants to take that we’ve long awaited for and the spaces that terrify us deeply

 . . . to the relationships that stretch us beyond ourselves and to the ones that nourish our souls.

As we walk in wild obedience the cost of our YES to God WILL look different from each other. {click to tweet}

For me, it’s the fear of the bigger opportunity when I’m happy to stay with the small. It’s the dread of managing a Facebook fan page, responding to negative comments, or looking at stats from a non-emotional perspective. But the truth is that if I am going to be a vehicle of His message, then I need to be willing to say YES to God even when I am afraid.

I know, we need to use discernment. I know we can’t be reckless. But that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m referring to those time when our comfort, control, and personal agenda trumps God’s plans. It’s in those times He’s calling us out of ourselves and into His Kingdom work. Declare gave me a fresh reminder of this at the same time God was giving me a new job.

I made a decision at Declare that is too big for me to even comprehend. Too big to share just yet. Too big to put into words when it doesn’t feel real.  It is no coincidence that God had me at Declare to hear a message about being wild in our faith and obedient in our walk. This was the climax of the story that God has been writing in my heart for more than seven years, right when the next chapter is about to begin.

I’ve said, YES, Lord.

I’m walking in fearless faith marked by His grace.

That is my answer to the call of wild obedience presented to my heart at Declare.

I’ll can’t wait to tell you more about it in the weeks to come, so if you’re not on my weekly email list, be sure to jump on. I want you, my wildly obedient Declare sisters, to join me on this journey! Leave me a link to your site, so I can join you on yours, too!




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{If you want to find a Lenny & Eva bracelet, visit their site here to find a local store. I’m not an affiliate, although I wish they had a program!}

  1. Elisa,
    Wish I could have visited with you! I am so interested in the life coaching for me and to do it with others! Hope we can visit soon. Can’t wait to hear about your big decision. I felt like at Declare I was hearing I need to say yes to the small things. Not sure what that will look like. xoxo

  2. Woot!! Excited for you, friend 🙂

  3. Love the bracelets!

    Wish we could’ve connected this weekend – but I guess there’s always next year! 😀

  4. Elisa, beautiful post and reminder that “our YES to God WILL look different from each other”. I am such a fan of your resources and can’t believe I didn’t get a chance to meet you 🙁

  5. Excited to hear more, Lisa. It was wonderful to meet you. I look forward to spending more time here and getting to know you better. Thank you for sharing your heart on your time at Declare. I find myself having a hard time expressing my thoughts on the weekend other than to say I need more and more of Him.
    Blessings to you.

  6. Elisa, I am so proud for you! I feel God is preparing me for something but I haven’t gotten the word yet. Preparing…

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