Letting Guilt Go

Letting Go of Guilt

Imagine if the next time you felt guilty, that instead of reacting to it, you responded in light of the truth? How would that change your circumstances? What would be the resulting outcome?

I’ve been thinking a lot on the topic of guilt, as a local MOPS group requested for me to speak on this topic. While I was quick to say yes, as I’ve dealt with my fair share of mommy guilt, I wasn’t at all sure how the message will shape up. Well, after weeks spent seeking God about the matter and more than a few opportunities to wrestle through waves of guilt — and not just mommy guilt — I’ve settled on a fresh understand on what to do about guilt.

The fact is, those guilty feelings we all face are either a result of condemnation spewed on us by the enemy or godly conviction that comes from the Holy Spirit who desires to lead us into right living (Romans 8:1, John 14:26, John 16:7-8 NLT).

Conviction is the Lord’s way of gently and purposefully showing us what needs to change in our hearts and habits in order to glorify Him.

But how do we know the difference between guilt that is a result of condemnation rather conviction in the heat of the moment, especially if our emotions dominate our thinking faster than our ability to embrace the truth?

Well, that’s what I’ve discovered through this Scripture-investigation journey and through asking the Holy Spirit to become my guide on the matter. I’ve learned that rather than reacting to the guilt we feel, we need to respond to it in light of the Truth. We need to ask honest questions of ourselves as we seek God for biblical clarity on our circumstances, and if we’re still unsure if it is condemnation or conviction, we need to seek godly counsel for another perspective.

Guilt can be the gateway toward transformation when it’s a Spirit-led conviction.

And you know that I’m passionate about living life transformed, so this new way of perceiving guilt has breathed new life into my soul and is something I’m excited to share with you. In true life coaching form, however, I’m not going to tell you what to believe but give you the opportunity to discover what to do with guilt for your self.  The Letting Go of Guilt devotional guide will provide you with simple questions, specific Scriptures to study, suggestions on what to do with your guilt, and a heart-felt prayer.

So isn’t it time to learn how to let guilt go?

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