40 Bible Verses to Conquer Fear

40 Bible Verses to Conquer Fear


Y’all, I’ve told you before that fear is my battleground. It’s something that has chased me down my whole life. Of course, you’d never know because it goes by other names . . . caution, prudence, being careful, choosing safety. While those are good things, they mask the real issue.

Being afraid. Plain and simple.

I’m afraid of getting hurt. Afraid of making a mistake. Afraid of being falsely accused. Afraid of failing. And probably, the worst of all . . . being afraid that God might get mad at me . . . or abandon me. Even after all these years (21 to count) of walking with the Lord, I still struggle from time to time with believing that God loves me “as is. I simply forget the long, beautiful road I’ve walked with Him and witnessed His love, faithfulness, and provisions. I totally lose perspective, as I lock in on the unknown.

Oh, yes, my fear gives way . . . in the unknown. 

When I don’t know the answer.

When I can’t predict the next step.

When I feel clueless about the solution.

In the UNKNOWN . . . I become afraid.

Where does your fear manifest itself? When does it throttle you down? How does it lock you up?

Most importantly, what do you do about crippling fear that keeps you from living life to the fullest?

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. John 10:10 NIV

Oh yes, my friend. The enemy is all about stealing that full life God promises — a full life that is not marred by fear and worry and anxiousness. Yet, the minute we give way to fear, we’re giving the devil a foothold on our thoughts and the opportunity to reroute our lives. That’s a battle I’m choosing to fight long and hard. Want to join me in it?

God reminds us in Scripture to cling to His Truth and to use the Word as our sword in the battle against the enemy (Hebrews 4:12).

Therefore, is it any surprise that God drove me to the Word once again as I faced another onslaught of fear? Oh, that morning I awoke with such a weight of fear, brought on by the many new turns and uncertain days ahead, were crying out for God’s freeing Word! And so to the Word I ran, and God gave me the beautiful reminder that His Word, and His Spirit alive in us, has the power to conquer our fear.

I pray these 40 verses will be kept close to your heart and equip you in your battle against fear. 


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