Starting Point: A Simple Guide for Connecting with God

Would you like to bring a tremendous amount focus and purpose to your life? 

All it takes is a willingness to set aside the first 15 minutes of your day to meet with the Lord. This routine is about filling your mind with the Word, opening your heart to the Lord, and asking Him for vision and direction for your day.

Find Your Starting Point

Pick a Bible or Bible App.

Select a Bible or App to use on your phone or iPad (This overview can help you figure out what’s best for you:

Pick a book in the Bible to study.

I recommend starting with Psalms, one of the Gospels such as the book of John, or one of Paul’s letters, such as Ephesians. You can read the introductory notes to get a sense of what the book is about before you begin. If your Bible doesn’t have introductory notes, go to and look up the English Standard Version’s “Introductions to the Books of the Bible”:

Grab a journal or notebook, index cards, and a pen.

Your starting point time is interactive, so be ready to record verses and your takeaway, especially any verses you’d like to memorize.

Decide the best place for you to have your Starting Point.

You might choose a chair in your living room and place a basket nearby with your supplies. Maybe you have an office nook or a closet you can tuck into. Or maybe, like me, you’ll put your stuff in a tote bag and take it to wherever you want to spend your time with God — on the porch, by the pool, in your den.


Embrace a Starting Point Routine

Read one chapter from Scripture.

Make it a goal of reading one chapter a day, every day, without excuse. Of course, give yourself grace for sickness and travel!

Write down a verse or a promise that stands out to you.

Use your journal or notebook and/or an index card to jot down a verse or passage that you may want to learn more about or focus on memorizing.

Write down your prayers.

Without overcomplicating this process, take a few minutes to write down your prayers in either a list form or as a letter to God. You might also want to try to turn a particular verse into a prayer.

Sit still for a few minutes and ask God to speak to you.

Jot down anything you feel you hear Him saying and be sure to confirm it with Scripture. If you don’t know how to do that, seek the input of a godly friend, mentor, or pastor.

Remember, the goal is consistency and quality, not quantity. It’s a relationship with God you’re building and a storehouse of the Word you’re after. Be encouraged that when you sow this kind of effort, the fruit you will bear will be gloriously satisfying.

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