Abide: Because It’s the Secret to Thriving

Abide: Because It's the Secret to Thriving

Are you in a spiritual wasteland or wandering in the wilderness of life’s trials? Do you feel parched, dry, empty? Can you all too easily cry out in frustration, “I can’t take this any more! I’m worn out! Enough is enough!”?

Maybe you feel this way, or maybe you just feel nothing.

Maybe it’s a distance from God that feels lonesome.

Maybe you can’t seem to discern His voice.

Maybe you’re wishing you knew how to get closer to God, but can’t seem figure out what you’re supposed to do to tear down the invisible wall.

Friend, you’re not alone! I’ve been there — both wandering and alone, empty and overwhelmed. At times, I thought this was just the way life would always be, and that scared me! It felt like I was failing as a Christian, because how could a woman who says she’s found her Savior feel so stinking worn out?

How could there be such a disparity between what I felt and what should be? I could have a holy high singing a worship song on Sunday morning followed by an emotional pity party six hours later, simply because the laundry piles were daunting, the “to do” list demanding, and the daylight hours waning.

Abide: Helping You Grow Deep Faith RootsWhat would it take to see a steady, vibrant growth in my soul once and for all?

The secret, I’ve discovered, is in learning to abide in the presence of our Most High God and allowing His Truth and the leading of the Holy Spirit to guide us.

Abiding is both an intentional, sought-hard-after discipline and a holy pursuit marked by grace and truth. And it is something I’ll like to encourage you to do, so that you could do more than survive this life, but thrive with deeply rooted faith under-girding you mind, body, and soul.

It’s a journey I’ve been on, as I’ve shared about here — the very words that inspired this resource. And now it’s one I’m certain I’m supposed to share with you. It’s time to get on with growing spiritual roots down deep as you learn to abide.

In Abide: Because It’s the Secret to Thriving, I will show you how to cultivate a faith that will stand the test of time. Inside this 10-day journey, you’ll be able to walk through the process of establishing a time for meeting with the Lord along with discovering a way to study Scripture that works best for you.

You’ll also hear my story of how I discovered a way to use a binder and Bible to keep my focus on the Lord and His word all day long. It’s not a formula, friends, but a process that will inspire you to figure out what works for your personality and is sustainable for your lifestyle.

Abide is the next step in becoming a women who can withstand the winds of life in the presence of God.

It’s a short journey in which you will reap long-term gain, as you begin cultivating a faith with roots that go down deep.


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