Equipped: Helping You to Live Life on Purpose

Equipped: Because You're Made to Live on Purpose

Life is short.

It may be a cliche, but it is true. We only have this moment. We really don’t know what the next will hold for us, much less tomorrow or a year from now. So then, why should we bother with planning? Because, Lord willing, tomorrow will come. In the same way we can’t guarantee we’ll take another breath, we also can’t predict when our time on earth will come to an end. So while we have this moment, wouldn’t it be wise to embrace it?

God has given us the privilege and opportunity to be intentional about how we live our lives.

We are stewards of our bodies, minds, time, talent, resources, investments, and families. God may be sovereign over all, but in His grace and mercy, He allows us to plan, dream, and steward our days.

So where should you start if you’re only just beginning a journey of living intentionally?

What should you do if you’re life has been haphazardly lived?

Is there any hope to live life on purpose, if you feel like life is dictated by one trial after another…and not enough of you to go around?

Friend, you’ve been equipped for today by the God of universe.

It is time to find out how….

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Equipped offers three simple steps in an easy to navigate download to help you work through the process of living intentionally. You’ll be able to pinpoint key verses and theme that God would like you to focus on this year, draft a mission statement describing how you want to live, and come up with loosely held short term goals that are based on your priorities.

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