Life Coaching


Have you ever wished you could simply sit down with an objective friend and discuss the state of your life and relationships in a transparent, honest, forwarding thinking manner?

In an ideal world, everyone would have such a friend. But in the real world, even the best of friends are busy, consumed with family and work, and often overwhelmed by a crisis or two. Friends are irreplaceable in so many ways, but they also have limitations.

That’s why I count it a privilege to be a life coach.

I can step into your world, listen to your current situation, and together we can discover how God is about the business of equipping you for today.

I am hear to serve you as your life coach . . .

with the heart of a friend

as a sister-in-Christ filled with a passion for God and His Word

as a successful business owner, published author, life coach instructor, and speaker

as a woman in progress of transformation, while experience the fruit of a legacy changing life

As your life coach, I bring to you an attentive ear, thought-provoking questions, and an accountability partnership to facilitate the growth you desire.


Kaleo Program - Life Coaching and Mentoring for Spiritual Growth and Calling

The signature Kaleo Program is designed for personal transformation and spiritual growth, while unpacking and developing your calling.

Kaleo Intensive - Life Coaching and Mentoring for Entrepreneurs and Coaches

The Kaleo Intensive is especially for entrepreneurs and coaches seeking to grow personally while focusing on the development of their business, ministry, or platform.

Start with A Free Consultation

Our coaching partnership begins with a free 30 minute consultation session. Based on your needs, we will determine the best coaching package for you.  You can learn more about the coaching packages and services at the

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