Elisa counts it a privilege to prayerfully consider serving you as a speaker for your next event. She is happy to tailor her messages for your particular needs or come up with a new one with you.

As a speaker, Lisa engages audiences through her transparency, story-telling, a good dose of humor, and the practical way she communicates biblical Truth.

She approaches her messages bathed in prayer and steeped in Scripture, as she seeks to meet women right where they are while inviting God to to bring about the change they crave in every area of life. To learn more about Elisa, download her bio below.

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Keynotes, Retreats, Workshops, & Teas

The following messages are ideal for one to four sessions events.

Understanding Generational Differences

This particular message dives into the topic of generational differences, with a focus on how to bring unity to a community while developing life-giving, healthy-working relationships within a family, church, school, ministry, or organization.

Connecting through Cross-Centered Mentoring

Lisa unpacks what biblical mentoring simplified looks like through debunking the myths, addressing the excuses, and laying out the six simple steps of mentoring. This message can be customized into a training workshop for launching a mentoring ministry.

Meet the New You: How to Embrace Fresh Attitudes and Focused Habits

Most women find themselves in desiring authentic life change from the inside out. But craving change and experiencing transformation are two different things, so Lisa makes it simple by inviting women to experience a fresh encounter with God and unpacking His relevant truth for their life today.

FreshFocus: An Invitation to Taste and See the Goodness of God in Your Life Today

This four-part messages, ideal for a weekend retreat, unpacks the  goodness of God through discovering how to embrace the way God wired us up discovering how to prepare ourselves to join God in His work, learning how to surrender to God in trials and suffering, and choosing to serve God as well as embrace rest with a pure heart.

Life Balance Customized for You

This message is devoted to helping women pinpoint how to find life balance that is customized to their needs through understanding their God-given wiring, priorities, and purpose. 

Sweetspot Leadership Training Workshops

Lisa combines her life coaching experience with expertise in administering the Highlands Company Ability Battery to give your team a crash course in effective communication through teaching how to listen well and ask good questions. She’ll equip you to lay the ground-work for establishing a clear vision with actionable goals. Combined with the Wired Up Workshop, this is a great opportunity to grow a team or an organization.

Wired Up Workshop

With her passion for helping women, students, and organization unlock their God-given purpose and potential, Lisa believes that the first step is to understand how individual wiring works and how to utilize it for the benefit of the whole community — whether that is in a family, a church environment, a school, or workplace. In this workshop (which can be easily turned into three to four in-depth sessions), she unpacks the nuances of personality type, spiritual gifting, and learning styles with a focus on practical application and lasting impact.

Mentoring the Hearts of Your Tweens & Teens

This message is steeped in practical application Lisa uses a biblical foundation, mentoring principles, and life coaching insights to equip moms to mother, mentor, and minister to the tweens and teens on purpose and without regret.

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Conference Workshops, MOPS Groups, & Youth Group Events for Girls

The following messages are ideal for one to two session events.

Seven Strategies for Navigating Social Media and Screens {with Your Tweens & Teens)

Can be tailored for a youth leader’s workshop or a joint workshop with parents and tweens/teens.

While it may be normal for every Millennial to grow up in a world of social media and screens, the reality is that their devices serve as both tools and weapons in their hands. The dopamine loop addiction is a dangerous experience for nearly every user,  so it’s time face this reality and make necessary changes. This workshop is designed to educate, challenge, and encourage the implementation of safeguards and habits for responsible usage for all of us, especially as we’re tasked with training up and preparing the next generation for their future.

Connected Motherhood

We are designed by God for connection, with Him first, and overflowing into our relationships with our spouses, children, and beyond. Yet the enemy’s desire is isolation, which he succeeds at doing through  connecting to us the world, our worries, and even our screens. This message, built upon Deuteronomy 6, carefully considers the importance of nurturing a vibrant relationship with God, being steeped in the Word, and pinpoint ways to speak life into our families while safeguarding from addictions, distractions, and fatigue.

Mentoring the Hearts of Your Tweens & Teens

This message is steeped in practical application Lisa uses a biblical foundation, mentoring principles, and life coaching insights to equip moms to mother, mentor, and minister to the tweens and teens on purpose and without regret.

Redefining Beauty: Living Beautiful in the Skin You’re In

Through sharing her own struggles in finding her Christ-centered identity, Lisa reveals how she discovered that she’s fearfully and wonderfully made in way that is relatable and applicable for living a beautiful life in the skin you’re in.

The Real Deal About Dating & Relationships

Lisa’s perspective on relationships and dating comes through 20 plus years mentoring teens. She shares a Biblically-rich and culturally-relevant truth equipping moms, mentors, and youth leaders to guide the next generation through this season of life. She loves sharing this message with tween and teen girls, with their moms present, too.

Motherhood 101: Training Up On the Go

Elisa unpacks seven key lessons for the journey of motherhood, with each point of wisdom leading to one profound truth: becoming the best mom God designed is really about becoming the woman God intended.


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What Other’s Are Saying

“I was another who gladly STOOD in the back of the packed-out room [at Raising Generations Today], spellbound and relieved by her honesty.” ~ Faith

“With beautiful integrity and an open heart, Elisa Pulliam encourages women to embrace life. The attitude-focused lenses she recommends reveal vibrant color in daily living.” ~ Rachel Wojo, author of One More Step

“Elisa Pulliam is the coach I always wish I had. In her book Meet the New You, she uses her signature grace-filled and honest approach to help you uncover the person you were created to be. If you are ready for a change in direction or simply want to refresh your heart, walk through the pages of this book with Elisa. You will be so glad you did.” ~ Stacy Thacker, co-author of Hope for the Weary Mom

“I was so blessed by your talk! My daughter is turning 11 next month (my oldest) and I also work with the teen girls at my church and your words were incredibly helpful. My girl is a strong LEADER , and I so long for our relationship to bring glory to God and for her to be blessed in it. So, thank you.” ~ Becky

“Her transparency and genuine passion to share God’s healing grace and power in her life have touched the lives of so many of our girls dealing with issues of abuse, relationships, sex, marriage, abandonment and forgiveness. Her story has been used to penetrate masks and walls and probe the deeper issues of the heart’s cry for fulfillment. I highly recommend Lisa as a relevant, heart-felt speaker that will compassionately challenge, encourage, and instill wisdom for young ladies, and woman both single and married.” ~ Amy Helm

“Mrs. Pulliam spoke on issues that, in our society, we are taught to cover up as women and pretend to be perfect and flawless. It was so refreshing to hear her wisdom, as she also is on a journey, growing in her faith with God. She revealed to us a message and testimony that was poignant and relatable to our own stories and struggles. She presented trusting the Lord in a new way, that personally touched my heart, and inspired me to forgive, to not be ashamed of my problems, and to live within God’s protection. It, literally, changed my life, and it was the absolute perfect message I needed at this time.” ~ Sarah Kratz

“Lisa allows God to redeem her ashes by sharing how He is working in her life. It was 2 Corinthians 1:4 in action, “He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When there are troubles, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us.” ~ Marie Crandall

“I am so thankful for God giving Lisa all of her life experiences. Aside from my Bible, her writing has been my best devotional. He is allowing me to heal and to get closer to him each day, and Lisa is such a big part of that. Sure, I have lots of Christian friends, but Lisa is special. Special to me, and so special to everyone she is reaching with her words. Thank you!” ~ Alli Miller

“Lisa was a wonderful speaker with a great story to tell. She was very passionate in her beliefs as she described her personal relationship with Jesus Christ in an inspiring manner, indicating the work done on her heart.” ~ Thoughts from some of the ladies attending a luncheon sponsored by Christian Women’s Club

“It was a blessing to have Lisa speak at our recent Spring Ladies Brunch. She was authentic, biblical, humorous at times, and connected well with her audience. There were numerous comments indicating that her openness in sharing, as well as the topic she chose, ministered on a deeper-than-surface level. I’m confident that God used it to touch hearts and give them a more balanced perspective on what it means to be beautiful in God’s eyes.” ~ Joyce Musser, Women’s Ministry Director

“God is so good! I have received numerous positive feedback regarding the Ladies Luncheon and the wonderful guest speaker – you! Some thought you teach a bible study and wanted to know where they could sign up. Others were so deeply moved. So many, were touched and they were from all walks of life (young, old, new believer, non-believer, mature believer). God truly used you to bless the souls of many.” ~ Melodie, Luncheon Coordinator

“I’ve heard nothing but positives about retreat – especially about you! They appreciated that you weren’t a “finished” product – a work in progress and for your realness and transparency. One our “mid age” (under 50) singles said it was the best retreat she’s been to. Kudo’s to you for following the Lord’s direction and prompting.” ~ Marjie Fischer, Retreat Coordinator

“What I loved most about the taking the life coaching course through Elisa is that she is so relational. I felt like I could ask her anything, she always took time to give wisdom-filed feedback, and she shared from her own personal experiences which was so powerful. I don’t regret anything about these 10 weeks! Elisa helped to equip, empower, and encourage me in my desire to become a life coach!” Charissa

“We give thanks to Lisa for the outstanding program she gave at our Christian Women Club’s luncheon. Her spell-binding story and inspirational faith ensured that your attentive audience will remember her presentation. I received countless compliments from our ladies on her behalf. We are grateful she shared her love of our Lord and her faith journey. We were deeply touched by her message.” ~ Diane Kelly

“Lisa was an AMAZING guide on this journey of becoming a trained Life Coach! She kept me encouraged and really made this a process of growing for me. I will forever treasure this experience!” ~ Rose

“I had the extreme privilege to go through the life coaching process with Lisa. God used her to help me recognize the God-given strengths that I have as well as the truth of God’s promises to me. Life coaching with Lisa has helped me to be more intentional and purposeful in my spiritual walk, social life, and career decisions. Lisa is warm, inviting, honest, and real and makes one feel comfortable from the start! I’d highly recommend life coaching with Lisa. I know you’ll be blessed by the journey!” Kathyrn M.

For More Information

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